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Belkin Isolator Surge Protector F5C980-TEL Review

Top view picture of the Belkin Isolator surge protector F5C980-TEL, showing outlets, status lamps, and cord keeper.

The Belkin Isolator surge protector, mannequin F5C980-TEL is a diamond of surge suppressing energy strips.  Why?  As a result of it not solely guards towards voltage spikes and electrical noise arriving by way of the facility line.  Nevertheless it additionally cuts inter-device noise switch, between units  plugged into it.

Belkin Isolator Surge Protector F5C980-TEL Intro

To begin with, the Belkin Isolator surge protector stops most surges from one system from reaching the others.  Additionally, a quick appearing circuit breaker screens for overloads. Then it cuts energy to the entire strip ought to it see any.

Three LED standing lamps present, at a look, any issues with both the facility strip itself or the facility line.

Top view picture of the Belkin Isolator surge protector F5C980-TEL, showing outlets, status lamps, and cord keeper.Belkin Isolator surge protector F5C980-TEL. Prime view, displaying retailers, standing lamps, and rope keeper.

We’ve owned fifteen copies of the F5C980-TEL Belkin Isolator surge protector since 2002. So we’ve seen them “kicking in” throughout many close by storms. But we by no means misplaced any gadget plugged into it. Shut by lightning strikes, motor begins and stops, by no means harmed our protected stuff.  So we all know that The Isolator works.

E.g. It shortly snapped off the facility on the immediate of a strike. Thus it possible saved us many a pc and arduous drive.  Then, when the surge handed, urgent the reset button restored energy instantly.

Lastly, the heavy metallic case and thick and lengthy cable shout high quality and sturdiness.

Advantages, Execs, Options, and Benefits of the Belkin Isolator Surge Protector

Energy Filter Tech

Cuts noise from the facility line from reaching related stuff by way of this energy strip.  E.g. Vacuum cleaners and drills will possible not intrude together with your Isolator protected TV.

Eight Extensively Spaced Retailers

Sufficient energy ports for a pc, display, printer, router, and disk drive.  Plus, this strip doesn’t crowd plugs.  In reality, even these giant “wall wart” provides match side-by-side on this energy strip.

Standing Lamps

There’s the next lamps.

  • Yellow protection-ON.
  • Inexperienced line-OK.
  • Purple line-fault LED.

Usually, the inexperienced and yellow lamps glow when this Isolator is ON.

Neon Lighted Energy Change on the Belkin Isolator Surge Protector

There’s additionally a neon pilot lamp within the energy change. This lasted us for years of 24 X 7 use, and didn’t burn out.

Outlet Covers

Additionally, the unit comes with two or three plug guards. These insert into the unused retailers; preserving mud and dust out of the within.

Lengthy, Robust Energy Cable

The twine is 12 ft lengthy and heavy obligation, but versatile. Its insulation resists dust, grease, and oil.

Twine Keeper

Three “ribs” on the edges of the F5C980-TEL permit wrapping of a lot of the cable across the Isolator physique.  The twine is spherical and of simply the fitting measurement to suit into these ribs. So once you press it into these channels, it locks into place. Then it stays there till you unwind it once more.

Proper Angle Plug

The facility twine exits the wall plug, parallel to the wall.  It doesn’t jut out at proper angles to the wall.  This helps forestall unintentional unplugging as a result of somebody knocked the plug out of the wall.

Nor does the twine hold straight down, however factors off at an angle to the correct.  This retains the twine from hanging down in entrance of the outlet under.  So it doesn’t block the outlet beneath its plug.

Rugged Metallic Case

The thick black metallic case supplies electrical shielding for the elements inside. This cuts the probabilities of this energy strip choosing up EMI or RFI.

Quick Journey Circuit Breaker

A part of the facility change, this present limiting system “journeys out” throughout over-current or energy surge circumstances.  Reset it by flipping the facility change off, ready some seconds, and the flipping again on.  Giant surges although, might warmth the unit barely. So that you may need to attend for it to chill for a couple of minutes earlier than the reset will maintain.

The Belkin Isolator Surge Protector can Shield One Telephone Line

On the far finish of this system, we now have one enter RJ-11 telephone line port. There are additionally two telephone line outputs, additionally RJ-11.   Now spikes and lightning can enter exterior telephone wires too. So the Isolator offers comparable safety on your landline telephone gear as properly.

4 Ranges of Surge Safety

The unit options eight 120-volt AC retailers, organized into 4 banks of two every.  Then, every financial institution incorporates hefty choke coils, capacitors, and spike catchers.  These elements isolate every outlet financial institution from the others when it comes to EMI noise and hash. Thus any EMI made by a tool plugged into one financial institution, doesn’t attain these within the different banks.

Every two-outlet financial institution has its personal filters and surge protects. Then they daisy-chain it to the subsequent financial institution.  Thus, the upper the extent, the extra the surge and noise safety.

The facility passes by means of three prior banks within the chain earlier than reaching financial institution four.  So plug your most expensive, delicate gadgets into the Degree four retailers. These are the  those farthest from the facility change.

Excessive Surge Capability

This Belkin Isolator surge protector can take in 2960 Joules.

Limitless Hooked up Gear Guarantee

Bottom view image of the Belkin Isolator F5C980-TEL surge protector. Showing labels and cable keeper.Bottom view image of the Belkin Isolator F5C980-TEL surge protector. Showing labels and cable keeper.Belkin Isolator F5C980-TEL surge protector, backside view. Displaying labels and cable keeper.

Issues, Cons, Disadvantages, and Drawbacks of the Belkin Isolator Surge Protector

No TV Cable Safety

This Isolator solely gives surge suppression for the facility and phone strains.  So it has no coaxial cable ports.  In the event you want these, take a look at the Belkin PureAV Isolator.

This Belkin Isolator Surge Protector can Hum and Buzz

The sort and extent of energy load could make a buzzing, buzzing sound from the Belkin Isolator surge protector.  Dimming lamps or excessive present a great deal of any type, appear to make the excitement louder.

However we’ve solely heard this in a few our copies.  And even once we do, the hum isn’t too loud.  That hum appears to return from the hefty choke coils inside.


The Belkin Isolator surge protector, together with its energy cable weighs almost 4 kilos; a price of the strong, sturdy development.  So hauling various of them round, notably in cellular purposes, can shortly turn out to be unwieldy.

The Belkin Isolator Surge Protector is Expensive

The Belkin Isolator surge protector prices extra per outlet than most different energy strip surge suppressors.  We paid anyplace from $50 to $90 apiece for ours.  Nevertheless, the tank-like development and the hundreds of joules of instantaneous spike removing makes the upper worth value whereas.

No Straightforward Method to Absolutely Check Surge Safety

With most metallic oxide varistors (MOVs), it’s exhausting to know for positive that these are nonetheless good.  Plus, the Isolator makes use of a bunch of those.  So, you possibly can’t actually check it with out utilizing up a few of its joules.

True, a “Safety” LED pilot lamp glows.  Which means safety of the hooked up units is in impact.  However these lamps will not be all the time proper. Why?  As a result of they typically glow, even with spent MOVs.

Given the worth of the Isolator, we hate simply chucking it as a result of it MIGHT NOT work.  So, a solution to higher check it might save a lot cash. E.g. A button that sends surge spikes. The protector would journey out in response to those spikes, if nonetheless working because it ought to.

Picture of the power cable and plug for the Belkin Isolator F5C980-TEL. The cable at the wall outlet flows down and to the right. It does not stick straight out.Picture of the power cable and plug for the Belkin Isolator F5C980-TEL. The cable at the wall outlet flows down and to the right. It does not stick straight out.Belkin Isolator F5C980-TEL Energy Twine and Plug. Tthe cable on the wall outlet flows down and to the best. It doesn’t stick straight out.

Our Score

We haven’t discovered this surge protector model new these days, though we might purchase extra of the identical.

Certainly, eight retailers are a lot for many pc setups or single consumer workplaces.  This Isolator can energy house theater techniques with DVRs, DVD gamers, VCRs, AV receivers, and TV.

The Belkin Isolator surge protector is beneficial anywhere you want a lot of surge protected retailers.  So we use ours as follows.

  • Workplace areas.
  • Cellular disc jockey setups.
  • Residence theaters.
  • Work zones with small energy instruments.
  • Mattress headboard energy.
  • Most anyplace you employ an influence strip.

Typically you haven’t any concept what high quality of energy you’ll discover at a website. So take the Belkin Isolator surge protector with you. Why? As a result of it exhibits you if the mains outlet has flawed wiring.  Plus, it safeguards towards the surges so typically seen at many venues.

Lastly, the Isolator is a extremely helpful insurance coverage coverage on your delicate electronics.  So we’d fee it at 98 out of 100.

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